17 Feb 2017

17 February 2017 Newsletter

Jockey Club Sarah Roe School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

[wc_fa icon=”angle-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]  Principal’s Message
[wc_fa icon=”angle-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]  Dates for Your Diary
[wc_fa icon=”angle-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]  Hon Shan’s Solo Art Exhibition
[wc_fa icon=”angle-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]  ESF 50th Anniversary Primary Concert @ 17 March 2017
[wc_fa icon=”angle-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]  Robotics competition 2017
[wc_fa icon=”angle-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]  We all 6 flyer (The Rock Foundation)
[wc_fa icon=”angle-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]  JCSRS Tuck Shop
[wc_fa icon=”angle-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]  Charity Walk for ISF (Cambodia)


Principal’s Message

Welcome back to the second half of term two. We are straight back into the swing of learning and teaching and, as always some additional activities and events.

A number of students continue to rehearse regularly with KGV students in preparation for next week’s ESF 50th Anniversary Secondary Concert that will be held next Wednesday evening. I am looking forward to joining the group and sharing photos with you all.

Today you will receive your son/daughter’s IEP and mid year report. We are hopeful that sending you the links (and log in details) to view the information is easy and useful. Your feedback will be appreciated. I enjoy seeing the amount of progress students are making and thank you again for the support you give us.

In this newsletter you will see that we are opening our tuck shop and that this will be a regular activity. As the poster says, it’s a good way to ensure learning is meaningful, relevant and fun.

I will also look forward to supporting Hon Shan with his first solo art exhibition. The poster below tells you all about it.


Dates for Your Diary

Parent meetings (optional) – Tuesday 21 February (or other date arranged with the teacher)

ESF 50th Anniversary Secondary Concert – Wednesday 22 February

Book Week – Monday 27 February to Friday 3 March (Friday is bring a book and dress up day)


Hon Shan’s Solo Art Exhibition

Dear Friends,
After the many years of great support by the JCSRS team, Hon Shan will finally hold his first solo art exhibition this coming April.  Attached please find our cordial invitation of the art exhibition. 
Hon Shan will be very grateful and honoured if the KLC community can share his joy in this meaningful event.
Thank you so much
Warm Regards,
Vikki (Hon Shan’s mum)

ESF 50th Anniversary Primary Concert @ 17 March 2017

Robotics competition 2017

Dear parents

I am delighted to confirm that we have been invited to submit two teams of 5 students for the HK Robotics competition that will take place on Sat 29th and Sunday 30th April 2017. Commitment to the competition will involve the following :

Thurs 23rd March – 1.00-2.30 -Robot building – at school
Thurs 30th March – 1.00-2.30 – Robot practice – JCSRS pool
Thurs 20th April – 1.00-2.30 -Robot practice – JCSRS pool

Thurs 27th April – 1.00-2.30 -Robot practice – JCSRS pool

Saturday 29th April – attend competition 9.00-5.00 – (venue to be confirmed)  at a HK school with parent/helper support all day.
The robotic competition involves students learning how to guide a small under water robot under water to collect magnets. On the day of the competition, the students work in teams to collect magnets during a specified time period. Please confirm with Summi Tse by Friday 17th Feb if you would like your child to be involved in the competition. Please note that you will need to provide support for your child on the day of the competition.

We look forward to hearing from you

Jenny Lingham
Vice Principal

We all 6 flyer (The Rock Foundation)


JCSRS Tuck Shop


Charity Walk for ISF (Cambodia)