17 Mar 2017

17 March 2017 Newsletter

Jockey Club Sarah Roe School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

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Principal’s Message

At this time of year people begin to look forward and make plans for the future. We are very sad to hear that Lorna Banfield will be leaving us at the end of this school year. Lorna is an outstanding educator and excellent leader. We will miss her greatly. Her leadership position has been advertised and the recruitment process is underway.

Some time ago I mentioned our draft plans for staff CPD days for 2017/18 school year. Here are some updates to help you

Monday 14 August – visits for new students

Tuesday 15 August – All students start

No students on these days

Friday 20 October – ESF CPD day

Monday 6 November

Friday 16 March 2018

Monday 30 April 2018

This week the focus has been more on maths and again we enjoyed the support of students from KGV and KJS. There were plenty of creative maths activities and we thank Heidi for leading this day.

We are very proud to be a Council of International Schools (CIS) accredited school. We recently submitted our First Report on Progress and Planning to which all teachers and therapists contributed. This week we had confirmation of our continued status as an accredited school from CIS and the letter congratulated us on the many ways we have worked as a learning community to ensure we provide the very best for our students.

We also enjoy sharing our school and our expertise with others and we recently hosted a group of educators from Singapore.

You will see later in this newsletter that one of our talented artists Hon Shan (Jade class) will have his first solo art exhibition in April. I encourage you all to go along to support Hon Shan and enjoy his beautiful work. We also congratulate Hugh Allum-Pearce who has been selected to join the special olympics golf team to play in Macau in April.

This weekend you can enjoy the fayre at KJS. When you are there please look out for the JCSRS stall selling bracelets made by our senior students when they are on vocational education placement in Sai Kung. Thanks to Jenny and Daphne for making the time to showcase and sell these items.


Math’s Day

Show case Pearl class

Pearl class has enjoyed lots of fun and interactive learning engagements as part of our Materials Matter unit.  We started out this unit looking at the concept of change which we explored through cooking.  We made popcorn and discovered some of the many ways to cook eggs.

We then spent some time thinking about what things were made of and how we could categorise items by material.  We have investigated the properties of materials through some simple experiments.  We read the book ‘What if rain boots were made of paper’ and made some predictions about the usefulness of paper for this purpose.  Then we got to test our hypothesis.  The results speak for themselves!

Karen Carmody – Pearl Class Teacher

Hon Shan’s Art Exhibition


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Opening hour: 12nn to 7pm Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays

Concert – Rainbow Project