3 Mar 2017

3 March 2017 Newsletter

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[wc_fa icon=”angle-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]  Concert – Rainbow Project
[wc_fa icon=”angle-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]  Managing Behaviour workshop @ 8th March

Principal’s Message

Book week has put a focus on literacy and the fact that books and reading is for everyone. Every morning we have had a shared book reading with some special guest readers. Students were able to engage further with the stories with a number of activities. In addition, today we all dressed as a favourite character and brought in a book to share. Students from KGV added to the enjoyment of sharing books by joining us for reading. A special thanks to Lorna, Sandra and Karen for organising the week.


Last week Karen, Cheryl and I had the pleasure of joining our choir at the ESF 50th Secondary Concert and what a delight it was. We had some lovely feedback from Belinda Greer, David Whalley and the concert organiser who specifically mentioned our students’ participation. A special thanks to music teacher Helena Murchie from KGV and Jenny for organising us. You can see a video link and photos below.

Choir Video

Concert Photos

Also last week I joined the softball team who played bravely against some local special schools in the cold and won second place. Well done team. Mike has added some photos under the PE showcase page. Thanks also to parents who came along to support us.

As part of our ‘Materials Matter’ unit of work the students have been exploring materials for gardening. This has added to our outdoor garden that is looking very healthy. We are also exploring ways to make our school more sustainable and thank Jackie and her team for planting a green wall ready to protect us from the summer sun.

Our tuckshop opened this week. So much to choose from and so many opportunities for learning. Thank you parents for supporting this by giving your child some money to spend.

I understand from talking to students and parents that the day out at Disney Land last Sunday was a big success again this year. David Dickhudt and the PTA organise these tickets with Disney Land and we are very grateful for this. The photos later in this newsletter tell the story.

At JCSRS we are conscious that we have some students who are quite vulnerable to illness that is contagious. We do our very best to keep everyone healthy and safe at school and we are lucky to have our school nurse to help us make decisions that are in the best interest of all students and staff. We also follow ESF policy that outlines when it is not safe to send students to school. Phoebe, our nurse has outlined these below and we appreciate that if you are in doubt as to whether your son/daughter should attend school you follow the policy. If you have further questions about this please contact Phoebe or me.

For the second year in a row the staff from the KLC joined together to celebrate the Year of the Rooster. This is a fun evening for us all and a great way to get to know our colleagues and the support staff who do such an amazing job every day.

Finally, you should have received a link (with log in information) to see your son/daughter’s IEP update and a mid year report. We are very aware that because the link came from ESF (Brady Chan) it is likely to have gone into your spam or trash box. Please check that you can access the link and if not do let the class teacher know. Thank you for your patience as we ‘test’ the system.


Showcase – PE

Term 1 is always the busiest for us in PE what with camp, Special Olympics indoor rowing, sports days and friendly football matches. Term two led us back to the Special Olympics Track and Field with 18 student running either 100m or 50 metres and being entered for the long jump or softball throw. We also had two relay teams.

Special Olympics Track and Field

It was a far warmer Saturday than last year and all students did very well. We managed to have a couple of practice sessions out on the KGV field for running and throwing as well as using the sand pit for those competing in the long jump.

In keeping with the Special Olympic theme we also held a test day for our students who have signed up for Special Olympics. This allowed officials from Special Olympics to test our students to see if they currently have the potential to join the Special Olympic Track and Field squads and eventually have the opportunity, if able, to run for Hong Kong.

The test included:

  1. shuttle run
  2. standing long jump
  3. standing triple jump
  4. vertical jump
  5. throwing technique

We are proud to announce that Lok and William have both been selected for the Special Olympic Track and Field squad.


Three years ago we took Ruby class to play softball against a local SEN school which was a great success.

This year we played in a four school tournament just over the road from school. We took twelve students and completed two training sessions. The tournament was challenging for some but lots of fun and a great learning experience for all including the adults involved.

We were 2nd overall with one loss and two wins. It was a great achievement and we look forward to further games and training.


We are also looking forward to our kayaking program in term 3 which should be a lot warmer than last year which was in term 2. More sunscreen and less warm clothing will be the order of the day. This year we have a new provider and they are Outward Bound. You may find out more information about them at this link http://www.outwardbound.org.hk/

On Wednesday this week we took  Hon Shan, Hugh and william to play basketball against South Island School LSC students.

We played 3v3 school against school for the first match and lost 16:12.
We then played another match with mixed teams from both schools again 3v3.
All students had fun as can be seen from the photo.
We shall return to continue our termly sports events against SIS in Term 3.

ESF 50th Anniversary Secondary Concert

Book Week

Health and Well being

Dear Parents,

As advised by the Centre for Health Protection(CHP) of the Department of Health(DH), outbreaks of communicable diseases such as influenza may occur in schools from time to time.

Therefore, we are cleaning and disinfecting the school thoroughly every day. We would also urge all students/staff members to pay attention to their personal hygiene and environmental hygiene of the school. For students’ health sake, we would appeal to you that in addition to maintaining a clean and healthy household environment, please help and remind your children to constantly observe personal hygiene and keep the school environment clean. Please take note of the following measures:

Seek medical advice if needed when your children develop symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and skin rash. If symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough or influenza are developed, they should put on a mask immediately and seek medical care as appropriate. Please also notify the school and let the children stay at home for rest until symptoms have improved and fever has subsided for at least two days, or follow the medical advice on sick leave, whichever is longer.

Inform the school immediately if children are sick or have been admitted to hospital for surveillance. Such information and contact details of students would be reported to CHP or relevant government departments on a need basis to help institute effective control measures to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Co-operate with the school by picking up children not feeling well from school and consulting the doctor immediately.

With collaboration between parents and the school we can help to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. For more information, please refer to the Centre for Health Protection website (http://www.chp.gov.hk).

Yours faithfully,

Ms Phoebe Y.S. Huang
School Nurse (Supply Nurse)

Disneyland fun

Dates for your diary

Maths Day – Thursday 16 March


Swimming Class for Peoples with Special Needs

Dear parents,

Please see the attachment regarding swimming sessions being offered by Hong Kong Swimming Teacher’ Association for children with SEN. Last term we had 4 students on the course and I would recommend it for anyone else who is interested in developing their child’s swimming ability.

Please send in your entry early and contact the organizers directly.
Karma Ma on 60404102. Please mention you are from JCSRS.
All the best

Concert – Rainbow Project

Managing Behaviour workshop @ 8th March