9 Jun 2017

9 June 2017 Newsletter

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Principal’s Message

Last week we held our inaugural Siblings Day where brothers and sisters in KGV joined us here at JCSRS. Karen has described the day beautifully later in this newsletter and I have to agree that it made me a little emotional witnessing the care and love between the children and young adults. We hope to do this again next year.

There was a real coincidence this week when Sean and Andrea came by chance to visit us. Both Sean and Andrea were first students at JCSRS and we have their photo from when they were in their first year at school with Sarah Roe. Now we have a photo of them all these years later.

When you are next in school do have a look at the fabulous display of JCSRS Through the Years. Special thanks to Bianca and Cheryl for putting this together.

You will have received an email about logging into the VLE to view your son/daughter’s end of year report and other information in preparation for meetings on the 13th June. We look forward to seeing you here and remember there is someone from the ESF technical team available should you need support.

All teachers and some therapists are at KGV today at the coaching conference with EAs at school attending a number of workshops.

Remember to put in your order for our first Yearbook (see details later in the newsletter).


African Drumming

We were very excited to welcome Daniel from the African Drumming Academy who came to run a trial session during our Friday Enrichment time.

Students explored making different sounds by hitting different parts of the drum. They followed along with various beats and learned some traditional African songs. The most popular game was moving, walking, stomping and running in time to the beat that other students created. A truly cooperative and fun experience for all.

African Drumming Course

Siblings Day

On Wednesday 31st May, JCSRS students invited their brothers and sisters to come and spend the afternoon in the school. KGV students had lunch with their siblings in class and played together at play time. In total we welcomed 13 KGV siblings from year 7 through to year 12. KGV tutors were also invited to drop in and visit the school and meet the students and staff.

JCSRS student’s took their brothers and sisters on a school tour, showing them the different rooms and facilities around the school. Siblings then had a chance to enjoy some specialist rooms together. It was heartwarming for all involved to see the special bond between siblings. The students from KGV were outstanding role models and we witnessed many moments of love and kindness.

As the JCSRS students returned to their classes to pack their bags and leave, the KGV students attended an afternoon tea in their honour to acknowledge the amazing job they do each and every day as young carers. We finished the day with a debriefing session where we reflected on the visit. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Here are some examples of what the student’s said

Something that surprised you…

  • The amazing and supportive environment
  • The rooms were very cool
  • How calming the multisensory room felt

The best part of today…

  • Seeing my sister in action with all her friends and getting a feel of what it’s like to go to school here
  • Meeting other people with siblings in JCSRS
  • To see how my brother gets along at school

We finished off the session by talking about the amazing qualities that the students clearly showed and explained where to find additional support if they ever needed it. We hope to build on the success of our first ever Sibling’s Day by extending the invitation to other ESF secondary schools next year and maintaining our connection with the KGV siblings. These connections are what make the JCSRS community so wonderful.

Karen Carmody

Lead Teacher for Student Development

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 13 June – Parent meetings (please email Leanne to organise a time)

Friday 16 June – Special farewell assembly for John Greene and Ed Wickins and thank you to Swire Hotels at 1.30 in the hall. Followed by afternoon tea and PTA meeting at 3pm.

Monday 19 June – Rock Foundation Drama performance at 6.30pm

Friday 23 June – Graduation Party at 5.30pm

Friday 30 June – Last day of term Finish at 11.30

Yearbook Information

ESF 50th Anniversary Visual Arts Exhibition @ 16 June – 14 July 2017


Bus Thank You Letter