12 Mar 2021

12 March 2021

Jockey Club Sarah Roe School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

Principal’s Message
Planning for Transition
New Sensory Pathway
Farming Workshop
HKPSSA HK Challenge – Update
Total Communication at JCSRS
JCSRS Alumni – Where Are They Now?
Supporting our Vocational Learning Partners- SAHK

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

I am sure you will join me in thanking all staff for their efforts to keep our school community safe. I am pleased to advise JCSRS staff have completed their testing with 100% negative results. Please note, the EDB continues to permit only half-day sessions. The current arrangement, students coming into school in two groups, will continue for the rest of this term. We will let you know by the end of next week if we will make any changes to students’ schedules in term three.

This week was another positive week at school with all students engaged in many learning activities including the deep learning art project. Stay tuned for more updates on this project.

I would like to thank our Vice-Principal, Belinda McLaughlin, for organising yesterday’s information session on what is available to our graduates.

School Council updates

This month we said goodbye to a long-standing member of the JCSRS community, Kim Anderson, who has relocated back to the UK. Kim was the community representative on the School Council and had a strong connection to the ESF and JCSRS school for over 30 years. Her initial involvement was as a teacher, advisor and parent. Kim chaired the Sai Kung PPA and the CWBS PTA and before joining the JCSR School Council, she has sat as an elected parent representative on both CWB School and KGV School Councils. Kim was also the parent elected representative for SEN on the ESF Board for 5 years. Kim co-founded and coordinated SNNHK (Special Needs Network Hong Kong), a support group for families and caregivers of children in HK with Special Needs. She will be missed by many people in Hong Kong. I would like to thank Kim for her support and positive contribution to the lives of our students and the whole JCSRS community.

I would like to welcome our new school council member Nigel R Merritt. Nigel brings a lot of relevant skills and experience which will support the ongoing growth of the school. Nigel already has a strong connection to our community through his involvement in the Hong Kong Football Club and running the HKFC Crusaders programme. You can find out more about Nigel and other members of the School Council by following this link.

Health Declaration Form

You would have received the ESF Message about the updated Health Declaration Form on the App. Please note that this form is an updated version of the one that you have completed previously. It is critically important that you complete this declaration before school starts next Monday, even if you have done so already in the past.

The declaration must be completed in order for your child to be in school on Monday, without it we cannot permit attendance. An automated reminder will be sent to all parents over the weekend, and we would like to apologise in advance for the repeated messages, however we want every child to be able to be in school on Monday.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of the school. As we continue to be faced with unique challenges one thing remains unchanged and that is our collective desire to always put students first.

Warm regards,


Planning for Transition

On Thursday March 11th we hosted our ‘Planning for Transition’ online event with six Hong Kong agencies sharing information and programs available to our students following graduation from JCSRS.

The session provided families an introductory overview to a range of programs available in HK. It was great to see some of our former students featured in the presentation slides.

Should any families wish to view the recording of the session please contact Belinda McLaughlin at belinda.mclaughlin(at)jcsrs.edu.hk.

Many thanks to PTA for supporting the event with appreciation vouchers for the presenters.

New Sensory Pathway

A sensory pathway is a series of guided movements for students to follow, shown by markings on the ground or walls. As students follow the path and complete the movements, they not only develop their muscle strength and balance, they also work off excess energy and improve their self-regulation. These pathways can be used in a variety of different ways, for example as a warm up to exercise, as a brain break between academic activities or a place to calm down and self-regulate.

JCSRS has recently installed a sensory pathway on the 1st floor, between the therapy room and the sensory integration room. The brightly coloured vinyl decals are colourful and engaging and students have been excited and enthusiastic about using this new pathway.

Farming Workshop

This year JCSRS has once again successfully secured HK$5000 funding from the ParknShop Green School Programme. All classes have signed up for this green school project. The project was initiated by Growing Something farming experts who talked to students via two Zoom meetings (one primary, one secondary) about sustainable urban farming and growing plants for a healthy lifestyle.

The workshops focused on educating students that water and sunlight are needed for plants to carry out photosynthesis and produce food for growth. Photosynthesis also releases oxygen into the atmosphere for humans to breathe which helps provide a healthy environment for us to live in.

Each class was given some sunflower seeds and a set of pots and soil to experience planting produce. Teachers have further linked the concepts with their class’ learning. Some focused on measuring and collecting data on how their sunflowers grow and some developed it into an ASDAN Bronze activity. Jade continued with the good practices learned and linked it with students’ vocational horticulture training.

Here are some classes’ joyful learning experiences to share with you:

Jackie Newman

Science Coordinator

HKPSSA HK Challenge – Update

Wow and on we go.

Last week every student who was at school walked or ran in order to add a personal total into the overall school total. A great accomplishment all round.

Katy and Oliver are still up in the top 20 of all students involved along with our staff Earl, Angelo and Sandra Lee in the top 10 overall adults.

We have the final week’s challenge starting on Monday 15th March.

Let’s all add in our daily totals and see if we can get our school total over 1500km.

Good luck everyone and thank you in advance for your collective effort.

HKPSSA Cross Country Challenge Website

Total Communication at JCSRS

Activities to Encourage Communication Part 2

Ensure your child has their talker with them as often as possible.

The aim of these activities is for the adult to model the words on the talker. Try to avoid moving the student’s hands to the words.

1. Movement games

  • Use a large physio ball/swing/trampoline.

  • Act excited to play a physical activity.

  • Bounce/swing your child.


  • Model “more” or “go” on their talker.

  • PAUSE.

  • Sing or laugh with your child as you are engaging in the activity.

  • Repeat this. Each time giving pauses after modelling to allow the student time to use their talker.

2. Music

  • Choose some music you know your child likes.

  • Play the music and enjoy dancing with your child.

  • Pause the music and model “stop” on their talker.


  • When your child indicates they would like some more, model “more” on their talker.


  • Play the music again and enjoy dancing.

  • Repeat this. Each time giving pauses after modelling to allow the student time to use their talker.

3. Change routines

  • Choose a routine such as getting dressed/having a snack/brushing teeth.

  • Use an unusual item or phrases during this routine. e.g. when getting dressed, put the shoe on your child’s hand or put your shoe on their feet. Forget to put the toothpaste on the brush etc.

  • Act surprised and laugh at the mistake.

  • Model ‘stop’ or “no” on your child’s talker.

  • PAUSE.

  • Ask what is wrong. If your child finds it difficult to answer you can model it.

JCSRS Alumni – Where Are They Now?

This week we’d like to share some updates on two of our Primary students who left JCSRS and Hong Kong earlier this year to relocate to the UK.

Yik Kam and his family are settling into life in Bristol. Yik is currently attending a local primary school whilst awaiting placement review.


Ankit Shrestha and his family are also settling into life in the UK. Ankit’s mum Indra reports that Ankit is going great adjusting to the climate and way of life.

Ankit, second from the left.

Supporting our Vocational Learning Partners- SAHK

One of our Vocational Learning Partners – Lohas Garden are currently holding their Charity Raffle Sale with funds raised aimed to support the association’s rehabilitation and special education services.

$10.00 tickets are on sale until March 31st and can be purchased via the QR code in the flyer or electronic transfer. Prizes include shopping and dining discount vouchers from a selection of HK sponsors.