18 Jun 2021

18 June 2021

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Principal’s Message
Total Communication at JCSRS – Activities For This Summer
Art Exhibition – Postcards for Sale

Principal’s Message

Dear all,

It has been another wonderful two weeks of learning at JCSRS. It is amazing to think we are now less than two weeks away from the end of this eventful year.

End of the school year is the time when we welcome new students and staff but also the time when we say goodbye to our leavers and graduates.


2021 Graduates: Nathan Lau and Oliver Kinmonth

Last week we had our graduation ceremony for Nathan and Oliver. It was a proud moment in time for many students and their parents and carers, as well as the hardworking staff who have guided, encouraged and supported them to achieve such great success. It has been a privilege to be a part of their journey during their time at JCSRS and we are very proud of them.

At the end of their severely disrupted year in education we wish them well for exciting futures ahead and we hope you are able to come along for special occasions and stay in touch with us.

New parent induction and students transition

It was a real pleasure to welcome all new families and we hope that the New Parent Induction Session has provided them with information to support their children’s transition to JCSRS.

Today we welcomed our new children and did the class swap for all students. The school was filled with a very positive energy and excitement and all new students have settled really well in their classes. I would like to thank all staff and parents for supporting student transition and for making it such a positive experience.

New staff induction

This week we have also welcomed our new staff with an online induction. The session provided our new teachers and occupational therapist with an overview of what to expect at JCSRS along with an opportunity to meet teaching teams before our class swap session today. We look forward to welcoming our new colleagues in August 2021 and working together to strengthen learning for our students.

Leavers Assembly

At this time of year we also say a sad farewell to some of our staff and students. Amongst our staff leavers we have three members with a very long history of working at JCSRS.

Mr Kwok, who was for 36 years the only caretaker ever employed by JCSRS, is now starting his well-deserved retirement! Over the years Mr Kwok has put his heart and soul into his work and he is well respected by everyone at school. His term describes him as a great leader who is very helpful and supportive of all of his colleagues. He is extremely reliable and always willing to go the extra mile. He is very resourceful and knowledgeable and the school will not be the same place without him.

Heidi, Pearl class teacher, is retiring after working at JCSRS for 24 years. Over the years Heidi has worked across all primary classes. She has been the maths leader for many years and has organised very successful maths days with other ESF schools. Heidi will be remembered by everyone as a very committed and respected member of the team liked by all.

Sally, Damond class teacher, is taking on a new challenge of working at another international school. Sally’s artistic skills and passion for visual art has supported development of the Expressive Art Curriculum at JCSRS. Sally organised and led on many very successful whole school art exhibitions. Sally is well liked by all staff and parents and her bubbly and positive personality has been an inspiration to many.

I would like to congratulate them all on their outstanding careers and thank them for the lasting contribution that they have made to the whole school community.

We will have the Leavers Assembly on Wednesday 30th of June. As we are not able to hold the face-to-face assemblies we will move our Leavers Assembly to Zoom. We wish all leavers, staff and students, all the very best in their new adventures and we hope that they will stay in touch.

Please keep safe and well,


Total Communication at JCSRS – Activities For This Summer

AAC Tips for this summer!

Check out these fun-filled activities that can help develop language and communication skills for both AAC and non-AAC users. These activities can easily be incorporated into your summer planning.

82 Summer activities for all families with special needs

– Ideas for each and every day of the summer, AAC users will just need a bit of pre-planning on their devices.

PrAACtical Summer activities by Robin Parker

– AAC resources for swimming, cooking, bubbles, and nature walks.

Popsicles and Playgrounds: AAC in the Summer by CoughDrop

– Introduction to AAC in the summer, developing core words, TarHeel Readers, travelling with AAC users, encouraging play.

4 Tips to Keep Communication Skills Sharp During Summer for Children Using AAC

– Ideas for books, outdoor activities, science and writing.

Art Exhibition – Postcards for Sale

On May 13th, JCSRS hosted an art exhibition titled “We Are The World” at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. I want to congratulate all students on their hard work and enthusiasm in creating thought-provoking art pieces that presented a powerful message about the environmental problems faced today in an imaginative and creative manner.

During the exhibition, visitors including staff, students, families and friends were invited to vote for their favourite artwork. There were a total of 115 votes and we are proud to announce that Emerald class achieved the majority of votes. Well done! Their achievements will be announced over the assembly zoom and we will also be showing a wonderful video of the art exhibition (just in case you missed it!). Several individual artworks have been sent home and other larger class projects have been displayed around school.

All JCSRS artworks have been recently printed on postcards. There are 20 artworks in total that have been edited into 10 postcard designs. We would like to invite families to purchase the postcards; they come in a pack of 10 and are 50 HKD per pack. Our vocational students have beautifully packaged them and they are ready to be sold and sent home.

Proceeds from sales will support the development of our ‘Play and Leisure’ curriculum resources.

Please click the link below to purchase a pack (or more) using PayPal. Postcards can be delivered via your child or sent by post at an additional charge.

Order here: Link to order form

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Belinda.

Kind regards,

Sally, with Belinda and Queenie