19 Jan 2018

19 January 2018

Jockey Club Sarah Roe School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

  Principal’s Message
 Special Olympics
 Dates for your Diary
 Sounds of Intent – Hong Kong Launch | 6 & 7 February 2018
 ESFs Got Musical Talent
 ‘Somewhere I Belong’ gig on the 20th January

Principal’s Message

A warm welcome back to term two.

We also welcome back our Occupational Therapist Laurena Chen and Kit Fung who is our nurse while Christine is on leave.

Thank you to all the families and staff who donated generously to Crossroads at Christmas. We were able to donate 28 school stationary kits that will help children with their education.

The weather for the Special Olympics day last Saturday could not have been better and our students obviously enjoyed themselves coming away at the end of the day with so many medals. I certainly enjoyed cheering them on and thank Mike and Martin as well as all the family members for supporting this wonderful event. See more details later in this newsletter.

This term our unit of work is ‘Signs, Symbols and Signals’. As part of this today we are at Inspiration Lake on a whole school picnic. Not only are we enjoying the fresh air (we had planned on sun!) and  games we are incorporating our class work around the unit and the ASDAN module on using ICT. Thanks Carol for organising this and to parents who are now using the e-notice to give permission for outings and school activities.

One of the many advantages of working as a professional learning community with KGV and KJS is that we share professional learning opportunities. This week the leadership team  were fortunate to join our colleagues and work with world renowned educator and presenter Simon Breakspear. We discussed leading practices around professional learning for staff. We celebrated the many ways we are doing this very well and how we might make it even better.

Next Saturday is the annual ESF’s Got Musical Talent event at Grappa’s in Central from 2-6pm. The money raised supports our PTA and students with additional needs across ESF. Secondary students from ESF have an opportunity to showcase their work and I am always so impressed by the professionalism and creativity that is on show. I encourage you to come along and support us. More details in the poster later in this newsletter.


Special Olympics

15 students made it out to Ma On Shan Sports Ground for the Special Olympics Track and Field event on what turned out to be a beautiful fresh and sunny day.
I’m always encouraged by the athleticism, competitiveness as well as the supportive nature of the athletes towards one another at SO events and it was no different last Saturday. There were certainly some nervous athletes but everyone gave their all. Mike
Many of our students got on the podium and the full results are below.

42nd SOHK Regional Athletic Meet – I  (20 Jan)

Name Event Position Distance thrown /time
Jessica 4 x 100m 3rd 2mins 11.93secs
Anna 100m 1st 21.37secs
Tennis ball throw 3rd  (DQ 15% too fast) 11.32
Cole 50m 3rd 34.11secs
Tennis ball throw 2nd 5.87m
Darius 100m 3rd 26.21secs
Tennis ball throw 1st 15.89m
Dara 100m 3rd 28.4secs
Shot Put 3rd 3.1m
Gavin 50m 1st 13.11secs
Tennis ball throw 3rd 5.66m
Harvey 100m 1st  (DQ 15% too fast) 22.14secs
Tennis ball throw 1st  (DQ 15% too fast) 13.78m
Jessica 100m 2nd 27.62secs
Tennis ball throw 1st 5.54m
Joshua 100m 1st  (DQ 15% too fast) 18.87secs
Tennis ball throw 2nd 10.05m
Katy 100m 1st 25.74secs
Tennis ball throw 2nd 5.01m
Kimika 100m 3rd 26.15secs
Tennis ball throw 1st 10.63m
Leo 50m 1st 14.31secs
Tennis ball throw 2nd (DQ 15% too fast) 6.46m
Nathan 25m 1st 12.89secs
Bean bags throw 2nd 3.51m
Rowan 50m 1st 12.34secs
Tennis ball throw 1st 11.72m
Shivansh 50m 1st 12.34
Tennis ball throw 3rd 9.42m
Sze Yan 50m 1st 17.96secs
Tennis ball throw 1st  (DQ 15% too fast) 6.84m
William 100m 1st 18.43secs
Long Jump 4th 2.68m
Thank you to all the parents, helpers and Martin for coordinating the students on the day.

Dates for your Diary

ESF’s Got Musical Talent – Saturday 27 January


Sounds of Intent – Hong Kong Launch | 6 & 7 February 2018


ESFs Got Musical Talent

‘Somewhere I Belong’ gig on the 20th January