2 Feb 2018

2 February 2018

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  Principal’s Message
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 ESF’s 50th Anniversary Carnival

Principal’s Message

The weather on Saturday was perfect for an afternoon of great entertainment by ESF secondary students at Grappa’s bar for the annual ESF’s Got Musical Talent. This event raises money for the JCSRS PTA and raises awareness of students with additional needs. A big thank you to Kim and Richard Anderson and the many parents who volunteered their time. We will include some photos in the next newsletter.

At school we have also been seeing some talent in our students who enjoy dancing. We are very fortunate to have the support of Declan and Joshua from Move for Life. These professional dancers will come in regularly after Easter to lead dance classes for our students. It was very clear from the first session that it will be very popular. Thanks Holly for organising another opportunity to for us to stay fit and have fun.

As you know we are working hard to become a more sustainable school. On Wednesdays students collect recycling and we are now adding to our school garden with some vegetables and herbs. We are lucky to have Jackie’s gardening expertise and passion so we can all benefit from the joy of growing plants.

We are also promoting sustainable practices for all of us and we have these informative reminders in our Sensations kitchen.

 Thanks Mike for leading the students to win the softball competition. This is what he has to say….

What a great day.

For the past 4 weeks we have been practicing over at the Tin Kwong Road softball field each Thursday along with Discovery Bay International School. Having built up a great partnership with them we entered a mixed team with students from JCSRS and DBIS. They did extremely well and came second in their team.
Our school team played in another group and won both games placing them first. Last year we were second so certainly an improvement.
The increase of knowledge and ability of all our students is encouraging to see and many now know how to play the game and were making independent decisions as to when to run from base to base and where to throw the ball when fielding.
Well done all and thanks you to the parents and EAs for their support.

We are extremely fortunate to have a partnership with Swire hotels and on Wednesday the students on vocational education placement at East Hotel had a chance to share their work with their families. We are very proud to have our students learning in the community and we thank all the staff at Swire as well as the staff from our school who support them.

Thursday was the last horse riding session for this lucky group of students. I’m glad we were well rugged up to watch the students receive their certificates. Well done all.

Remember if you want to know what is happening at school you can always go to our website. The calendar will help you remember important events and the photos showcase and celebrate our students and our work.



Dates for your Diary

Last day before CNY – Thursday 15 February FINISH AT 11.30

First day back – Monday 26 February


ESF’s 50th Anniversary Carnival