20 Mar 2020

20 March 2020

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  Principal’s Message
 Dates for your Diary
 Showcase – Chinese New Year
 Student Council
 Primary Principal

Principal’s Message

Dear families,

This week we really needed some fun and a ‘lift’ from the difficult news we are all surrounded by and what better way to do this than engage with books and stories.

We started Book Week with this fabulous introductory video with Karen and Kelly and then we loved seeing all the costumes and the many ways our students participated in reading, writing, listening and presenting. Thank you for your enthusiastic response and we hope it helped you get through another week of home learning.

Introduction to Book Week

Book Week Parade

No doubt, like all of us you will have abandoned all holiday travel and be spending your Easter holidays in Hong Kong. For many of us this is a huge disappointment as it was a time to see our family and friends and have a break from time at home. It’s also a time when we need to look out for each other.  Our PTA are (zoom) meeting next week and I know that they are discussing ways they can support families. I’ll add some more about this in the newsletter just before the Easter break. Also a reminder that there won’t be home learning during this time (Easter break).

I have also kept some photos of activities from term one that we did not get a chance to share – Chinese New Year and our Student Council. We also had the ESF Primary Principals’ meeting here and the students served morning tea. We felt very proud of their skills, both in making drinks, serving food and being able to communicate with ‘customers’. May we have more opportunities to learn and celebrate together in term three…….

I do hope you are feeling informed about what is happening with online learning and how we are working as an online community. I will continue with my weekly parent email.

Thank you all for your ongoing commitment and support.

Kind Regards


Dates for Your Diary

Last day of term two – Friday 3 April

First day of term three – Monday 20 April

Showcase –  Chinese New Year

Student Council


Primary Principals’ meet at JCSRS