3 Sep 2021

3 September 2021

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Principal’s Message
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PE – Sailing
Total Communication at JCSRS

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

It was wonderful to see so many you on the JCSRS campus yesterday!

We hope you found the information shared with you useful. You can find a copy of the main presentation here and your class teacher will send their class presentations in their weekly email. For your reference, we have also attached our new JCSRS Curriculum.

As you know, next week on Monday and Tuesday we will be hosting 1:1 Zoom meetings with your class teacher and therapists who will give you an update on your child, talk about their goals for this term, and who will be available to answer any questions about your child. You can book your appointment with the class teacher through Gateway until Sunday 5th of September. Click here to view the detailed guide. To book your appointment with your child’s therapist or PE teacher please use the link to the Google sheet that was shared with you on the 31st of August.

Please remember that on Friday the 10th of September we will be taking school photos.

Over the next two weeks we will welcome two new members of staff:

  • Danny Yip, our new driver, will start on the 8th of September.
  • Yannes Chan, our new physiotherapist, will start on the 13th of September.

Thank you once again for attending the Meet the Teacher event and for arranging a time to meet with our staff.

We look forward to working with you this year to support your child.

Kind regards,


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On the JCSRS website, we share a Google calendar where you can find important dates and school events. You can access the Calendar page via the icon on our homepage or Calendar and Term Dates under About Us in the menu.

If you would like to subscribe to our calendar, head to the page and choose Add to Google Calendar or Add to other calendars based on what calendar application you use.

PE – Sailing

Last Tuesday we had our first sailing session of Term 1 at Hebe Haven with our sailing provider Sailability. The weather was a little wet (especially in the afternoon) but that did not dampen the spirits of our sailors.

Four of our 18 sailors were first time sailors and all were successful in getting in the dinghy and learning the ropes on the water. Leo’s helper Joel even caught a fish which I’m sure was very much enjoyed for his evening meal.

Looking forward we have another 11 sessions in which students will learn parts of the dinghy and develop their skills and abilities of controlling the direction of the boat as well as cleating and uncleating a jib (small sail).

Total Communication at JCSRS

Top Tip – Using Core Words

AAC Tip of the week! A quick reminder that core words are a great way to build your child’s vocabulary. They include words such as stop, go, get, more, turn, mine, on, off, up, down, that. These words can be used in lots of different situations. They can also be combined with other words to build sentences.

Here are some fun ideas to practice the word ‘stop’ at home: