7 Sep 2018

7 September 2018

Jockey Club Sarah Roe School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

  Principal’s Message
 Dates for your Diary 
 Showcase – Pearl Class
 African Drumming
  Move for Life Dancing 
 Message from the PTA

Principal’s Message

At last some sunshine and this has meant we are able to have some play times outside. It’s a little hot and there is limited shade but the students really enjoy access to the many activities including basketball, bikes, water and sand play and table tennis. Can I please ask that every student has a hat to wear for outdoor activities. School hats are available at our front office.

The ASDAN modules we follow are a very important part of our curriculum. The learning is very functional, hands on and enjoyable for all students. Recently we have been celebrating the students’ success in completing the last module ‘Using ICT’. Congratulations on receiving your certificates.

At JCSRS we have a strong and growing vocational education program that includes some community placements (Lohas and East Hotel) as well as work at school. Thank you to the therapy team who have just opened the Sensations Cafe and tuck shop. This creates a number of opportunities for all of our students to learn, either by setting up and running the cafe or participating as customers. I was delighted to be offered a drink mid morning and my coffee was even delivered to my office with a smile. You can see the details of the days and times in the poster later in this newsletter. Your child’s teacher will let you know when the students will access the cafe.  Please support us by sending in a small amount of money.

Last week we had the photographers here and we had our individual and class photos. Because of the weather we were not able to take our whole school photo. This will now happen on Monday 22 October. Classroom teachers will remind you of course.


Dates for your Diary

Monday 24 September – CPD for staff. No school for students

Tuesday 25 September – Public holiday

Showcase – Pearl Class

Pearl Class has started the term filled with smiles. This year, we have three new students joining us. Welcome Seth, Noah & Seana. Stephen, Darren, Saad and Isis are very happy meeting their new friends. Since the start of term, students have been learning and exploring through a variety of interesting and educational activities. They have so much fun getting to know each other through social games and parties.  The birthday party for Seana and Darren is one of the highlights. Swimming at KGV is another great learning experience for us. Together as a group, we had a lot of fun making some beautiful art works for the display boards.

Everyday students are encouraged to use the visual schedules to inform themselves of the activities for the day so as to promote their work independence. This term, we will work on the unit “Express yourself” and the ASDAN module “Number”. We will continue to experience, explore and practice learning through a variety of curriculum areas including Expressive Arts, Mathematics, Literacy and therapy programmes.

This week, we are all thrilled to be participating in the “African Drumming” and “Dance for Life”. We are looking forward to sharing with you our lovely works. Let’s work hand in hand towards another fruitful and joyful year!

Heidi Lee
Pearl Class Teacher

African Drumming

Move for Life Dancing

Sensations cafe and Tuck Shop

Message from the PTA

On behalf of the JCSRS PTA, I’d like to welcome the new and existing families of JCSRS to the new year. We held our annual PTA AGM on Thursday August 23rd, in which members of the Committee were elected. We are delighted that in addition to the continued support from last year’s committee, we have 4 new parents join as parent representatives. With a larger group, the Committee is well supported to handle some of our objectives this year, which include new fundraising initiatives, continued optimization and improvement of the bus services and uniforms, and other ways to support the school and promote cooperation and interaction within the JCSRS community.

Please see below the list of this year’s committee members.

Chair:  Sandra Lee
Vice Chair: Sandra Feran
Secretary:  Susanna Goh
Treasurer: Minnie Ma
Parent Representatives: Claire Hudson, Megan McCoy, Sarah Clifford, Alison Sipma, Simon Wood, Ronald Wong, Mariela Russell
JCSRS representatives: Karin Westselaar, Jackie Newman, Mike Watson, Leanne Wu, Summi Tse

We look forward to creating a wonderful new school year ahead with you.


Sandra Lee