8 Dec 2017

8 December 2017

Jockey Club Sarah Roe School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

  Principal’s Message
 Dates for your Diary
 Jade Class Showcase
 Donations for Crossroads

Principal’s Message

The end of the calendar year hurtles forward and we look forward to seeing you at the Christmas Show on Wednesday 13 December for a 1pm start. Remember to come early to purchase student made Christmas items that will be on sale in the foyer from 12.30. Also remember to bring your donation for Crossroads. See the poster at the end of this newsletter for details.

A group of our students who participate in the vocational education program in Sai Kung have had the opportunity to showcase and sell their products at the Discovery Bay Christmas Fayre. It was a very successful day, thanks to Jenny and the many families who supported this.

A group of thirty students joined their ESF peers for a day of exercise and fun at the ‘Sport for All’ day at Discovery Bay International School. We are looking to extend this program and hold the event at different schools in the future.

On Saturday a group of students went with Mike to Verm City Climbing Wall in Quarry Bay to test out their facility. We will look to use this with secondary students in term three as part of their Friday outings.

Our newly formed Student Council celebrated their leadership role by a ‘get to know’ you outing to see the new movie ‘Wonder’. An excellent way to end the year and prepare for the responsibilities this position holds. Thanks Jenny for supporting the students.

There are so many benefits to being just a few steps from KGV. Last week we were able to join in on many of the interesting and entertaining arts events. Listening to beautiful music at the ‘beach’ was a real highlight. This is good opportunity to thank Helena Murchie (Head of Music at KGV) again for including us.

The players in the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union squad came to visit us as part of their community outreach program. I am not sure who was most excited – the staff or the students? We are lucky to have weekly Rugby sessions for our students and this visit was a real bonus. We hope we can continue and extend this partnership in the future.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter we need each student to have a spare set of clothing at school. We also like to have additional ’emergency’ uniform items on hand. We would welcome any school uniform items that you would like to donate.

I know we are all thinking about Christmas right now but just an early notice that we will finish early (11.30) on Thursday 15 February as this is the start of Chinese New Year. We will have a full day at the end of term two on Thursday 29 March (just before Easter holidays). This will be reflected in our website calendar.

We will have a special newsletter at the end of the term so we can share photos from the Christmas Show.


Dates for your Diary

Christmas Show – Wednesday 13 December at 1pm. Stalls open in the foyer at 12.30

Last day of term one – Friday 15 December – Finish at 11.30am

First day of term two – Monday 8 January 2018

Jade Class Showcase

Vocational education is one of the focus in Jade class and it has been embedded in our curriculum in the Unit ‘Knowing me, Knowing you’ and the ASDAN ‘Using ICT’ module.  

On Wednesdays, Hugh, Anna, Kimika and Safika go to the Swire East hotel for vocational training. They can generalise the skills they learnt from the Unit and are able to greet and communicate appropriately with the staff at the workplace.  They take their responsibilities and work as a team to complete tasks to a high standard.  Hugh and Anna have also practised their ICT skills of using a digital kitchen scale in the production kitchen.

Students at school have also shown excellent skills in their vocational training.  Gavin and Dara set up ‘Snacks on Wheels’ to sell snacks to students and adults.  They learnt about the cashier app on an iPad and give correct change to the customers.  Jimmy has learnt how to operate a washing machine to clean the cushion covers while Cole and Varun, using a paper shredder and laminating machine, help with the office work for KGV.  Jimi’s sociable personality has ensured he has done a great job in delivering letters to staff. The Jade coffee club lead by our speech therapist Stephanie is another great opportunity for students to practise the skills they’ve learnt from the Unit about greetings.


Donations for Crossroads