8 Mar 2018

Siblings Day 8 March 2018

What a wonderful day we had at Siblings Day yesterday. It was fantastic to have siblings from a range of ESF secondary schools come to spend the morning or afternoon at JCSRS. The day began with a tour of the school which was led by the JCSRS student council and support by our KGV student reps, the tours were designed by JCSRS students and they were full of enthusiasm taking the groups around. Students had an opportunity to spend time in class eating lunch with their siblings and meeting class teachers and friends, they also had a chance to spend playtime with their brother/sister. We had a range of activities organised throughout the day including a session in the art room for sensory and messy play, a session in the multi sensory room and a session in the sensory integration room – it was a lot of fun.

Finally JCSRS students returned to class and their siblings had an opportunity to have a light snack and chat with their new friends, we held a very valuable feedback session where students talked about their siblings greatest strengths, things that surprised them during the day, the best part of the day and an opportunity to ask questions. A number of students were keen to be involved in volunteering or supporting events e.g. sports day, many were surprised that the school was so small but had some amazing facilities, there were some wonderful comments about staff and students and all were excited and happy to be spending the day with their siblings.

It was an amazing day and an important one, I hope that all of the siblings involved had a fantastic day and enjoyed as much as we did at JCSRS.