Vocational Education and Work Experience

Our balanced curriculum ensures all students learn skills and knowledge that prepare them for life now and in the future when they leave school.

We run a number of programmes both at school and in the community. This enables us to be inclusive of all students and take into consideration each student’s needs, interests and strengths.

At school students participate in food preparation and serving at Sensations Cafe, as well as clerical duties and sustainability programmes.

In the community we have a partnership with SWIRE Hotels where students work at EAST hotel and at the SHARK production kitchen. In addition we support students on placement at ESF Centre, Sai Kung Community Centre and SAHK Lohas Garden.

Post School

During students final years at school we work with the families to explore post 19 options and establish transition pathways. This may involve visits to local post 19 provision and/or liaison with service providers in other countries.

Each graduating student leaves with a comprehensive assessment of their academic, social and communication skills and a review of their therapeutic needs.