28 Apr 2017

28 April 2017 Newsletter

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Principal’s Message

Welcome back to term three. Our unit of work this term is ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ which is very appropriate because there is plenty for us to celebrate at JCSRS. Not only do we continue to acknowledge and celebrate the successes and achievements of each student but we have some big events to enjoy and share.

Congratulations to Hon Shan who has had a very rewarding first solo art exhibition. All his peers at JCSRS have been to visit and on the day I attended we also had Dr Wickins, David Whalley and Belinda Greer visit. Hon Shan was rightly very proud and I believe he made some sales on the day.

Also congratulations to Hugh Allum-Pearce who came third  in the Special Olympics golf tournament in Macau recently.


Our dance team is very excited that tonight they join other students from ESF schools to participate in the dance fest at KJS ‘Under the Same Sky’. I look forward to sharing photos with you in the next newsletter. Special thanks to our talented EA Mari Nakamura who has been rehearsing with the group.

Some of our students are fortunate to join many other brilliant students and participate in the Robotics competition at KGV this weekend. Again, photos in the next newsletter. Good luck team!!!

Also some congratulations to staff. Kelly Thorpe has won the post of TLR3 lead teacher for student development for next school year and we will welcome Holly Manning from KGV as a class teacher. We are so lucky to have a team of highly qualified and committed educators, therapists and support staff at JCSRS.

This term we also welcome back our school nurse Christine Cheung and thank Phoebe Huang for her time with us.

We have been revising our lunch time time table for staff and students. As part of this we are giving students some choice about where they spend their lunch break and ensuring each student has at least one lunch time outside. With this in mind can I please ask that students have a hat to where. These are available from our PTA. Please ask at the front office who are happy to help you.

Remember that this is a long weekend for students and staff at JCSRS. We come back to school on Thursday 4th May. I will be working with colleagues on a Council of International Schools (CIS) team as part of a school accreditation in Kuwait. I am sure that I will learn a lot and perhaps share some of the great work we do here at JCSRS.

Lots of events coming up so please keep an eye on our website and see Dates for your Diary in this newsletter.



Ruby class showcase

A Ruby Celebration

Ruby class began term 3 by starting a new unit entitled Let’s Celebrate and what better way to commence this theme with understanding what achievements we have accomplished in term 2.  Whilst Ruby class have enjoyed learning about a variety of celebrations, such as weddings, birthdays and festivals that are appreciated around the world, I made it clear that one of the most important things to celebrate is ourselves and what we have accomplished as individuals.  I was greeted with several puzzled looks and the question, “what is achievement’? So together as a class we made a list, using photographs to help identify all the goals we ticked off, what we had learnt and all the good and positive memories we had experienced.


Science Experiment

Travelling by MTR

Throughout term 2 we produced creative scrapbooks of what we were learning and documented what related to the subject ‘Materials Matter’.  Through fun science experiments and sensory art activities we understood that materials have different properties and can change as a result of different processes.  In literacy and engaging learning experiences, Ruby class learnt that materials are used for different purposes and that properties of materials can change. This was explored through some exciting cooking lessons.  Ruby students put their knowledge to the test by participating in a fun science day throughout the school.

Paolo and Lok checking their IEP targets

Science Day fun

As well as working hard on our material unit, all students were motivated in reaching their IEP targets and reminded themselves daily what their goals were by examining their target display board. In maths we worked on the concept of subtraction and time, whilst some students attempted math word problems by writing out equations.  As a whole class we achieved all maths activities under a number of strands by participating in Mathematics day. I reminded the students how motivated and engaged they were to check off their math’s booklet every time they solved a math problem or completed an activity and also how their hard work in their daily journal writing should be celebrated.
Another highlight were the hikes around Hong Kong – 4 in total!  These hikes were followed by a BBQ to celebrate our hard work and bravery facing steep slopes and narrow pathways. We also ventured out of school to the visit the flower market and Hon Shan’s art gallery. We experienced new adventures by travelling on public transport and learnt how to purchase a meal independently by using a menu in a restaurant.  All of these activities aided our ASDAN module objectives, “Engaging with the world around me” Events’.

Dodging in Rugby

Celebrating with a BBQ after a long hike

We reminded ourselves of the celebrations we took part in during term 2 and remembered the egg hunt game and race, dancing to music and eating yummy food at the KGV school Easter party. We also recalled celebrating Chinese New Year in the school hall by experiencing Chinese snacks, the wishing tree, a lion dance and learning the zodiac.

As a class we discussed how we celebrate individual’s achievements in different ways;  from creativity in art and focusing well in math’s, to clear reading during library time, learning a new skill in PE or helping your class mates with their tasks, plus organizing our belongings and submitting homework on time.  Achievements can be as simple as speaking a kind word or learning to spell a new word.  We collect stars for our class starboard and wait eagerly for Friday’s star prize. We also celebrate with student certificates in our monthly assemblies and applaud each other for our successes in different activities.

Reflection time

Role play on ‘friendship’

When compiling the long list of our goals as a class it was obvious to see proud faces amongst the students when they recognized what they had learnt about their potential and pride in their achievements throughout the term. “And how as a class should we celebrate ALL these items on our list?” I asked.  “An outing to RYZE trampoline park with chocolate cake” one replied without hesitation!

By Sally Fryer (Ruby class teacher) 

Dates for your diary

Under the Same Sky Dance Fest at KJS – Friday 28th April at 6pm

Disagregated day (No school for staff or students) – Tuesday 2nd May (Mon 1st & Wed 3rd public holidays)

Concert at JCSRS – Akoustic Odyssey (World Music) – Thursday 11th May 10.45-11.45

PTA meeting – Thursday 18th May 5-7pm @ JCSRS


Dental health workshops

Dear parents,
We are delighted to be able to offer you the opportunity to attend a free dental health workshop at JCSRS. The sessions will be delivered by Dr Irene Lau.
Irene has a specialist interest in providing dental advice and support to people with additional and special needs.
She looks forward to meeting you and/or your helper and to discussing strategies for providing good dental care for your child/children.
Please see the attached flier for details and respond to book a place at one of the two events

Jenny Lingham

Kim Barthel Workshop: The Brain: what we know today and how it impacts our children

Tuck shop