Severe Weather Procedures

Typhoon and Rainstorm Warnings

The rainy season lasts from April to September. Parents are advised to note the following arrangements.

Before school hours:

Parents should use radio or television (or consult the EDB website) to receive announcements on the closure of schools.

If Typhoon Signal 3 or above is raised prior to school hours, the school will close.

If a signal is raised while students are travelling to school, the school will accept those students who arrive and retain them until arrangements can be made for them to return home at an appropriate time.

In school hours:

With the government announcement of the closure of schools, the school will close. In that situation the principal will ensure that safe and adequate arrangements can be made for students to return home.

If that is impossible the school will inform affected parents that their children will remain in school until it is safe to release them or until a parent or designated responsible adult picks them up. Students will not be sent home on school buses once a Signal 8 or above has been hoisted.

Lowering of signals:

When a typhoon signal is lowered to Signal 1 or all signals are cancelled, the school will open on the next school day.


The Amber, Red, Black Warnings are independent of other warnings e.g. landslip or typhoon warnings.

AMBER The school operates as usual.
(i) Before the start of school The school will close for the whole day. If the warning is raised at the time your child sets off for school (s)he should stay at home.
(ii) After students have set off for school, but before the commencement of school The school will accept those students who arrive, and retain them until it is safe to allow them to proceed home.
(iii) When classes are in session School continues until the end of normal hours and students are retained until conditions are safe for them to return home.

The school will not allow students to return home, including on a school bus when a Red or Black Warning is issued.

In these circumstances children may only be released to a parent or designated responsible adult if requested by a parent to do so.