At JCSRS we recognise the importance of students having opportunities to engage with their mainstream peers in structured and recreational activities.

ESF Access Essential Agreements


  • Value and welcome every member of our community, and support their capacity to flourish.
  • Engage with all students as unique individuals with their own interests, identities, abilities, strengths and needs.
  • Create a culture of inclusion which is constructed by a community of exceptional leaders, teachers and support staff.
  • Provide joyful learning environments enriched by student diversity.

Students who may benefit from Access opportunities include:

  • Identified students attending JCSRS.
  • Students in other ESF schools who may require access to specialized facilities such as daily living facilities, sensory room experiences and/or hydrotherapy.

Social Access:

  • Joining peer groups in recreational activities such as break/play times.
  • Attending school events, celebrations and participating in classroom lessons.

Curriculum Access:
Differentiation and/or access to accredited study in specific subject areas.

Other Opportunities:

  • Book buddies
  • Sports Day
  • Maths and Science Day
  • Siblings Day
  • KGV CAS volunteers supporting students in enrichment activities
  • KGV Christmas and Easter Parties