Vocational Learning and Preparing for Transition

Vocational Learning

Preparing for Transition After JCSRS

Vocational Learning is designed and delivered as part of the JCSRS secondary curriculum. Secondary students have the opportunity to develop vocational skills in school by increasing their responsibilities in the classroom and developing their independence.

Long term planning overviews below highlight focus areas for our secondary pathways:
Independent Living and Learning and Life Skills Pathways

Communication in a vocational setting
Job knowledge
Using ICT and tools
Earning money
Problem solving and critical thinking
Career planning

Post 16 Pathway

Working with others:
Respecting others
Getting on with people at work
Working in a team
You at work:
Doing jobs at work
The things you use at work
Getting help with problems at work

All students in our Post 16 pathway strengthen their vocational learning by completing a two-year ASDAN accreditation in WorkRight. JCSRS offsite vocational learning is further supported by our partnership with the ESF job coaching program.

Vocational Learning at Swire: EAST Hotel, Taikoo Shing
Students have the opportunity to work in a real organisation. This includes wearing the required uniform, communicating with supervisors, following out job expectations and working within the designated work space. The jobs include folding serviettes, greeting guests, preparing table seating, and packing guest amenities bags.

Tasks are analysed by our occupational therapist and adapted to make it accessible to our students. Our ESF job coaches provide support during these visits to ensure the students get the full benefit of the opportunity.

In-School Vocational Learning
Students in the Post 16 pathway:

  • Package and manage school-based fundraising projects.
  • Manage the library on Wednesdays to shelf books, check books in and out, and catalogue new books.
  • Assist the office and our school nurse to carry out administrative duties such as photocopying, laminating, shredding, cutting paper and distributing documents and masks.

Students in the Life Skills pathway:

  • Focus on communication within the school vocational setting…
  • …by increasing responsibilities in the classroom and independence with vocational activities around the school.
  • This includes collecting paper for shredding, collecting recycling from the classrooms and carrying out laminating and photocopying jobs.


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Our offsite Vocational Learning experiences could not occur without the valuable partnerships with our outside providers:

Swire – EAST Hotel
A Fancy Flamingo
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

During students’ final years our team works with families to explore options following graduation from JCSRS. This includes hosting information events with local providers, planning transition student profiles and/or visits.

Each graduating student leaves with a comprehensive assessment of their learning profile evidenced in school reports, IEPS and therapy exit reports.

Where do our students transition to?
Centres and consultants supporting transition to adult pathways:

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