Hiring JCSRS Facilities

The JCSRS facilities are available for rent by friends of the school and the broader community. Availability is subject to school requirements. Details of our facilities can be obtained by telephone at 27619893 or via email to info@jcsrs.edu.hk

Hydrotherapy Pool

Soft Play Room

Professional Kitchen


Sensory Integration Room

Independent Living Skills Room


Art Room

Music and Drama ‘Zone’

Hirers are required to purchase third party liabilities insurance and sign a self declaration form. Jockey Club Sarah Roe School must be included as the name of insured (see sample). The amount shall be HK$5 million or above for low risk activities (e.g. music lessons, art lessons etc) and HK$10 million or above for high risk activities (e.g. sports events, yoga lessons etc).

Price list and regulations

Self declaration on criminal record form

Sample of Certificate of Insurance