Communication with Parents

All parents and carers are equally valued as part of our school community. Children’s learning is improved when we work in partnership with their parents or carers, and their wider family. We therefore believe in close collaboration with all families, and in regular consultation between home and the school. We welcome parents’ feedback at any time.

At Jockey Club Sarah Roe School, we use many forms of communication to provide parents with essential information.

Parents’ first point of contact should be their child’s class teacher. Parents can get in touch with them if they would like to discuss their child’s progress, ask questions, gain support or to have the opportunity to talk about any home issues. Parents can contact the teacher by email (staff emails are available on the ESF App) or calling the School Office. Although our teachers are unable to take telephone calls or check emails while they are teaching, messages will be passed on to them as soon as possible by the office staff. Alternatively, parents can send an email requesting a meeting time.

For any generic enquiries, meeting requests and non-urgent matters, you can contact our office staff at 2761 9893 or

Should a meeting with the class teacher not be appropriate, parents are welcome to contact the School Office to arrange a meeting with the Vice Principal or Principal to discuss matters of concern.


Parents of all ESF schools are now able to access the ESF app. You can find information on how to download and use it here (PDF).

The ESF app features quick and easy access to the below information:

  • ‘Need to know’ messages and diary dates
  • ‘Nice to know’ school news via newsletters
  • Useful contact names, emails and phone numbers
  • School Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – Sarah
  • Absence emails

Parents can enable auto-forwarding of App messages to their App registered email address. Video guide here.

Need help? ESF App FAQ.

Reporting Absence

Individual classroom teachers take a class register each day. Parents are requested to report the child’s absence on the ESF app or by call or email to the school office. If we do not get notification we will call the family’s home.

Parents Out of Town

Parents are requested to inform the school if:

  • they are both out of Hong Kong; the name of an adult acting in ‘loco parentis’ should be given to the school in writing in advance,
  • there are any changes to contact information such as home address, telephone number and/or email
  • there are any changes to medical information.

Parents are responsible for updating the ESF Gateway with any changes to contacts, medical information and student or family details.

Parent Meetings

Parents are strongly encouraged to join the school’s various annual events.

Meet the Teacher Evening is scheduled at the beginning of the school year. It provides an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s new teacher and give a general overview of the class and curriculum.

Parents also have two to three formal meetings each year (once each term) with the teachers and therapists in order to discuss their child’s educational programmes. The aims of the meetings include:

  • to discuss the student’s progress towards meeting the overall objectives set in the Individual Education Plan (IEP),
  • to identify areas of specific or targeted work,
  • to identify any significant changes in the student’s special educational needs including equipment, aids and access.

Informal meetings between parents and staff are held throughout the year as required.