Communication with parents

Parents are regarded as partners in their children’s education.  Their comments and suggestions are welcomed at any time.  They are encouraged to contact the staff or visit the school to:

  • discuss their child’s progress
  • seek advice
  • offer help
  • observe their child in class

If parents wish to visit the school for any of the above purposes, they are asked to contact the school office in order to make an appointment with the appropriate person.

Parents are strongly encouraged to join the school’s various annual events.

Clear communication between parents and staff is essential and several channels are available to facilitate this including newsletters, letters, emails, information on the school’s website and telephone. Members of the school community are asked to uphold the school ethos and respect all partners at all times. This includes calls and texts to staff only at a reasonable time of day (7am-7pm).

Parents have two-three formal meetings each year (once each term) with the teachers and therapists in order to discuss their child’s educational programmes.  The aims of the meetings include:

  • to discuss the student’s progress towards meeting the overall objectives set in the Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • to identify areas of specific or targeted work
  • to identify any significant changes in the student’s special educational needs including equipment, aids and access

Informal meetings between parents and staff are held throughout the year as required.

Parents are requested to inform the school if:

  • they are both out of Hong Kong
  • there are any changes to contact information such as home address, telephone number and/or email
  • there are any changes in medical information

Parents are responsible for updating the ESF Gateway with any changes on contacts, medical information and any other changes to student or family details.


If a parent has a complaint about any school-related issue, in the first instance they should discuss this with the class teacher.  If necessary, a meeting can be arranged with the principal, vice principal and/or a member of the School Council.