The physiotherapy department at JCSRS aims to help students with different physical needs in accessing the curriculum smoothly and build up their independence.

Physiotherapy in JCSRS focuses on working to:

  • Provide gross motor assessment to individual students
  • Improve gross motor skills (strength, balance and endurance)
  • Improve transition, mobility and access around the school (transitional skills, gait training, stair management, walking aids prescription, wheelchair skills, etc.)
  • Improve motor planning, coordination and agility to access sports in school and daily activities
  • Promote better posture for students when they are learning (in-class exercise program, adaptive seats, etc.)

The physiotherapy department is well-resourced with lots of transfer equipment, walking aids, a wide range of gym equipment, etc., to support students with a wide range of physical needs to access barrier-free learning.

Students using different walkers during Sports Day
Student with physical needs accessing gym equipment with PT support

PT support in PE classes

Individual or group PT sessions and in-class support will be provided according to student needs.

Individual sessions

Group sessions

In-class stretching for better posture

Fitball class (enrichment programs)
Yoga class (enrichment programs)

There is a heated hydrotherapy pool in JCSRS. Students are able to enjoy physiotherapy training with lots of fun.

Gait training in the hydrotherapy pool
Postural training in the hydrotherapy pool

Fun activities in the pool during the training