The JCSRS curriculum is divided into six pathways, each with its own distinct learning approach and priorities. The pathways are determined by age and also by the needs of learners.

Students are matched to the pathway that best suits their individual needs.

Foundation Pathway
Builds foundation social, communication and academic skills with an emphasis on learning behaviours and school routines. Our youngest learners develop self esteem and confidence alongside practical skills and the ability to use and apply knowledge.
Builders Pathway
Builds on developing social, communication and academic skills and preparing students for the next step in their learning journey. Learners are given increasing opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to become confident and independent learners.
Integrated Pathway
Focuses on experiential learning with an emphasis on fostering well-being whilst developing functional communication and life skills. Learners are given highly personalised opportunities to achieve their full potential.
Life Skills Pathway
Strengthens functional living skills with an emphasis on connecting with the wider community. Learners develop essential living skills that prepare them for the next stage of their learning journey.
Independent Living and Learning Pathway
Students extend and apply their knowledge and skills while developing self-motivation and independence. Learners develop greater awareness of themselves and others and work towards meaningful contributions to the community.
Post 16 Pathway
Develops vocational and independent living skills. Learners are integrated into the world of work to support their transition into adulthood and life beyond school.