Therapy Support

Meet the JCSRS Therapy Team

Photos of all therapists working with students:

May Henderson ST
Cheryl Lam ST
Gayle Scoular ST EA
Daena Ramos OT
Daphne Ip OT
Sheetal Dalal OT EA
Yannes Chan PT
Angelo Bernardo PT EA

The therapy team work closely with teachers and support staff to ensure that students are empowered to achieve their full potential. Students at JCSRS access therapy using a tiered approach to input. Click here for details.

Overall, therapists provide direct and indirect services to support areas of communication, fine motor, gross motor, social, self-care, sensory processing and behaviour.

Strategies are modelled to the class team and families to ensure a consistent approach across different places and scenarios.

The therapy team is involved in the development of individual education plans, alongside teachers and families. This creates appropriate and realistic goals for students that will assist them as they progress through school and beyond.