Therapy Support

The JCSRS therapy team consists of six therapists – two Speech and Language Therapists, two Occupational Therapists, one Physiotherapist and one part-time Music Therapist. Three Therapy Assistants support the therapists in their roles. Therapists work closely with teaching and support staff to ensure that students are empowered to achieve their full potential. Therapists provide individual, small group and whole-class therapy sessions and consultations to:

  • Improve specific and general skills of students (communication, eating and drinking, fine motor, gross motor, social, self-care, sensory processing and behaviour)
  • Model therapy strategies to teachers, EAs, parents and domestic helpers so they can continue implementing the strategies outside of sessions so they can best support students

Additionally, therapists work in a team with teachers and parents to create appropriate and realistic goals for students that will assist them as they progress through school and beyond. Goals are reviewed on a regular basis through a collaborative and open forum.

working with students