The Jockey Club Sarah Roe School Parent Teachers Association promotes cooperation and discussion between the parents of the students of JCSRS and teachers for the promotion of education and matters relating to the education offered by the school. The PTA seeks to support the School and to improve the educational environment of the School for the benefits of the students.

  • Bring together the JCSRS community – parents, students and staff
  • Become the forum for parents and teachers to discuss matters relating to the education offered by the school
  • Seek long-term predictable funding solutions
  • Actively seek ways to provide funding to areas that need our support
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Phone: 2761 9893

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School Representatives:
Anna Smakowska (Principal, ex-officio) and Jackie Newman (Teacher Representative)
Parent Representatives:
Margaret Chung, Sheetel Dalal, Kyoko Dobashi, Claire Hudson, Viola Lam, Charlotte Li, Catherine Mak, Michelle McEwan, Marie-Claire Slama

Jockey Club Sarah Roe School Parent Teachers Association Limited, is a company limited by guarantee and registered as a tax-exempt charitable organization.


New fund raising ideas are welcomed and will be considered first for impact to our broader goals of community building, inclusion awareness, and educational needs of our children and other special needs children. All JCSRS parent-led initiatives are welcomed and should go through the PTA as there are process and guidelines in place. Kindly please email to

Donations can be made:

  • By cheque to:

    Jockey Club Sarah Roe School Parent Teachers Association Limited

  • By fund transfer to:

    Account Name:
    Jockey Club Sarah Roe School Parent Teachers Association Limited
    Account Number:
    Bank Name:
    The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.
    Bank Address:
    Head Office 1 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong
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Request for donation receipt:

Please email request to with Subject: Charitable Donation Receipt Request. Please also include copy of your bank remittance confirmation, full name and address to which the receipt is to be issued and sent.
PTA Funded Physiotherapy Equipment

We would like to thank our generous donors and our wonderful Physiotherapist Bianca for making this possible.

“In March, we received the final items from a physiotherapy equipment order, generously funded by the PTA. This equipment included several kinds of mobility support walkers, an electric muscle stimulator machine, two stability frames to facilitate independent standing and an orthotic device to improve the user’s gait pattern.

Due to the high cost of some of these items, they are not covered by the designated school physiotherapy equipment budget and so the PTA generously offered to provide the necessary additional funding.

The cost involved in purchasing this sort of equipment often makes it inaccessible to many families for individual purchase. There are also limited options to rent this type of equipment in Hong Kong and local suppliers often do not have demonstration units in all sizes for trial purposes.

Having our own equipment in a range of sizes at school provides the opportunity for us to see how the student will benefit, allowing families to make a more informed decision about purchase. They are also able to use the equipment in school and borrow it during holidays, therefore reducing the need to purchase this expensive equipment that their child may quickly outgrow or progress beyond the need for.

Thank you so much to the PTA for their support in securing these much needed resources for our students with challenges to their mobility.”

Bianca Brown, Physiotherapist

Regular Fund Raising Events may include: Jazz Family Festival – two evenings of professional Jazz entertainment performed by Hong Kong’s leading Jazz Artists.

ESF’s Got Musical Talent – an annual event permitting ESF students to showcase their musical abilities to a live audience in a professional venue (Grappa’s Cellar in Central)

Echoes of Erin Feis. An annual international World Irish Dance Association open competition featuring competitors from all around the world.

SEN Awareness opportunities are also sought after at any time of the year at other schools festivals and special events that permit.

Please download the Jazz Fest and the ESF Talent events at the following links,

Jazz Fest – 2015 Day One (DVD)

Jazz Fest – 2015 Day Two (DVD)

Jazz Fest – 2016 Day One (DVD)

Jazz Fest – 2016 Day One (mp4)

Jazz Fest – 2016 Day Two (DVD)

Jazz Fest – 2016 Day Two (mp4)

ESF Talent 2016 (DVD)

ESF Talent 2016 (mp4)