4 Sep 2020

4 September 2020

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  Principal’s Message
 MTR Student Travel Scheme Renewal

Principal’s Message

It was a real pleasure to meet some of the parents during the PTA AGM meeting and to meet students during their live lessons. When joining Zoom calls, I have been impressed by students’ engagement, participation and independence. We know that during distance learning, this can only happen with strong support from families, and this is greatly appreciated.

Return to School

As we finish our third week of Distance Learning we are all getting very excited about the prospect of students returning to school in a few weeks’ time.

Following the announcements from EDB and internal discussions across ESF, we are working on our Return to School plan at the moment. This important work is based on ESF’s approach to maintaining the safety of all our students and staff, whilst providing the best learning experiences we can at school. Once we complete the modelling and plans, we will share details with you, please bear with us. We are very hopeful and excited to have students back with us, in school, soon.

Distance Learning

We continue to refine and enhance JCSRS Distance Learning. We have reflected on your feedback and on how best we can meet the student’s needs.

Distance Learning is delivered through a combination of live Zoom sessions led by school staff and home facilitated learning engagements. We know that different students will engage differently with teaching over Zoom and that what we offer to students needs to be personalized to their needs. A stronger emphasis will be also placed on structuring routines which promote familiarity and consistency of shared expectations within a climate and culture that fosters a love of learning.

We encourage students to participate in all aspects of the distance learning provision. It is important that students engage with the learning tasks and submit these, such that teachers can then provide feedback to support learning.

Please click on the link here (PDF) if you would like to access an updated version of our Distance Learning summary.

Resources Collection

We have listened to your feedback and would like to inform all parents that you will be able to collect resources from school. We know that some parents find it difficult to source and prepare all materials for planned lessons and we are happy to have them prepared for collection. If you would like resources to be prepared for your child, please get in touch with your class teacher so they can make arrangements and provide further information about what resources can be available. Any collections will be managed carefully according to social distancing expectations, with specific times given to parents. We hope this will assist families in supporting the learning at home.

Meet the Teacher

We look forward to connecting with all our families in next week’s Meet the Teacher evening. The sessions are scheduled for Thursday 10th of September. The meeting provides an opportunity for parents to know and understand the curriculum and support a home school partnership that enhances student learning.

The information evenings will take place in two parts. I look forward to welcoming you in the initial session at 4pm, which will include a general introduction and overview of the school, followed by specific information about the curriculum and approaches to learning. The second session, which will start at 4:45pm, will be an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s class teacher.

Warm Regards,


MTR Student Travel Scheme Renewal

New Arrangement for MTR Student Travel Scheme Renewal (2020/2021)

MTR has now moved their registration/renewal for the Student Travel Scheme online. From 1st September 2020, eligible students can use MTR’s on-line platform to renew the “Student Status” on their Personalized Octopus. The renewal procedure can now be completed in two easy-to-follow steps:

1) Submit online applications (
Students can now upload an image of their valid student proof and save time by not needing to get the school validation seal. The online application platform can also be accessed through MTR Mobile.

2) Renew the “Student Status” and pay the application fee ($20) by using the Octopus App
A confirmation email, “Notification Letter – Renewal of ‘Student Status’ on a Personalized Octopus”, with instructions will be sent to successful applicants.

Please refer to the tutorial video ( for detailed procedure on the new arrangement.