3 Apr 2020

03 April 2020

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  Principal’s Message
 Dates for your Diary
 Message from our PTA

Principal’s Message

So we all made it to the end of the most extraordinary term I have experienced as a principal. It’s amazing what we can do when times are hard and we are doing almost everything for the first time. It’s when partnerships and teamwork come to the front as the most important part of being a learning community. I don’t want to repeat myself too many more times but I continue to be overwhelmed by the outstanding work of our staff and the support of our families who have done everything they can to ensure learning continues.

Needless to say it’s been a learning journey. Our most recent reflections and the survey data have given us a lot of valuable information to plan Distance Learning for term 3. We are monitoring students’ engagement with the variety of lessons and connect times that we are offering. We have consistent results of between 60-70% engagement with ‘spikes’ of very high participation during Book Week and this week on Tuesday as huge – 96%.  As I mentioned in the last email to you we are simplifying and focusing on what is important and looking after the health and well being of families and staff. The timetable will look a bit different but will be familiar enough to ensure students and those supporting them can continue without added stress. Teachers will of course give you more details in the Monday emails.

I am sharing a link that I hope you might find helpful in term 3 https://sites.google.com/view/distance-learning-specialed/home

This week we said thank you and farewell to our speech therapist Kim Matthews who has been with us while Stephanie Eber is on leave and has done an outstanding job. Stephanie will be back with us in term three. We will also say thank you and good bye to two of our EAs – Ival and Myrla. We sure hope we see them back here as soon as possible.

This week we are of course celebrating Easter and the end of term. It’s so good that we can continue our regular assemblies that are so well put together by Kelly. Congratulations to the students who have received special Home Learning awards.

An Easter assembly also needs to be fun. I am sure many of you will be enjoying this over and over again in the holidays!!

Please enjoy being away from your screen and hopefully the weather will be conducive to hikes and time with our families.

Kind Regards


Dates for Your Diary

Start of term 3 – Monday 20 April

Public holidays – Thursday 30 April and Friday 1 May

Message from our PTA

Dear Fellow Parents,

HK has been through some very trying circumstances these past several months. Amidst these current uncertain times many of us are feeling stressed & worried about the future. This is only heightened as we balance work, our children’s education & caring for our children with learning needs.

It is on this premise that I invite you to join the PTA CARES Support Group. (C A R E S stands

for C = Cares, A = Affirms, R = Respects, E & S = Experiences Shared.) It is a new initiative organized by the PTA Committee for parents & staff to share together their joys & struggles through caring for the JCSRS children. It is an optional group for parents & staff to join & share confidentially about their experiences. It may be a platform to discuss various issues/topics that we are facing. The group would be mindful of the religious & cultural preferences represented in our JCSRS community.

Another branch of the PTA CARES Support Group is to provide specific support – “care pack” to the families experiencing hardships (in the form of goods or finances) at the discretion of the PTA Committee.

During these difficult & uncertain times, I think it is important that we continue to connect, care & encourage one another. By sharing together, we can be reminded that we do not suffer alone & may continue to boost one another’s spirits. At present it would be unwise to meet in person, but I know we have all become very proficient in our Zoom meetings through our children’s home learning! So, if you are interested in being a part of the PTA CARES Support Group, please forward you name & email address to me,

Megan McCoy, meganjmccoy@gmail.com . Many thanks.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on the above email.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Best regards,

Megan (McCoy)

PTA CARES Committee Member

On Behalf of the PTA Committee